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A documentary film ‘Khunti-Road to Roots’ by Zahirul Hassan will be premiered at the 17th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF). Produced by Kamalini Golder, the film will be screened on January 14 at 3 pm in the Begum Sufia Kamal Auditorium of Bangladesh National Museum, Shahbag of the capital, said a press release. - A home for your website

Khunti-Road to Roots is the journey of an indigenous tribe Munda in search of their identity. They claim that they were forced to settle in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh two hundred years back from Jharkhand, India. But in the course of time they have lost their custom, rituals and identity.

Hence, they feel that they needed to go back one last time to their forefathers land to recall the rituals of their ancestors. The film explores their identity crisis and survival instinct to reach their forefathers land and what happened in that journey.

Khunti is the third documentary film of Zahirul Hassan. His Previous works include a documentary named Dhamali which is based on folk music and lifestyle; another one is Canvas of Joy, a biopic of renowned Bangladeshi painter Syed Jahangir produced by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Bangladesh.

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