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Kamal Hossain, the chief of the Jatiya Oikya Front, has avoided a direct reply to the question whether they will revive the caretaker government system if they win the election. The demand for a nonpartisan election-time government was mainly pressed by the BNP, a key ally of the Kamal-led opposition alliance. Kamal says they will follow the fundamental principles of the constitution if they get the people’s mandate to form the next government. - A home for your website

The caretaker system was introduced because the ruling party jeopardises fair polls if they remain in power during elections, he said in reply to a reporters query on the issue at a press conference in Dhaka on Saturday.

The Awami League was the beneficiary of the caretaker government system in the elections in 1996 and 2008, Kamal said.

Noting that the court has declared the caretaker government system against the constitution, he said, “Its not a debatable issue.” He added the court observed that the system could be used in the next two elections.

“Now I am saying that keeping elections free and fair is a constitutional binding. This issue is not for debate, but explanation of the constitution,” said Kamal, who headed the committee that drafted the constitution in 1972.

A reporter asked whether the Oikya Front was planning to introduce a new kind of political atmosphere or follow the old, violence-riddled one if it wins the upcoming parliamentary election.

“Our politics is not new…The state and the rule will be democratic – these are the basic structure of our constitution. Politics will fall within this purview,” he replied.

Kamal also pledged to fully fulfill the promises made in the constitution if the alliance wins the election.

Their election manifesto is also based on the constitution and it will be published within days, he said.