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Mizanur Rahman Mizan, locally known as a motor mechanic, has turned out to be a very inspiring man as he achieved the national acclaim through inventions of new devices and machines. Mizan, who has actually no institutional education, has invented 10 devices, including automatic fire extinguisher, anti-pollution machine and automatic irrigation machine.He has already received 28 certificates, both at local and national levels, in recognition of his achievements. - A home for your website

Mizan started work as a day-labourer at the age of 8-9 to support his family. He used to repair and operate shallow water pumps.

He later managed a job at a motorcycle garage at Navaron Bazar here. Now he is running an engineering workshop -- ’Bhai Bhai engineering workshop’ at Sharsha Bazar.

Talking to UNB, Mizan said he had a desire of doing something new or inventing new things since childhood.

He said now he is now working to make a small device that would help protect children from drowning. The machine will give signal if any child falls into water and spot the location with symbolic signal.

Mizan said he has already got financial assistance from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for making a mini ambulance by using motorcycle engines. He also developed an automatic fire extinguisher that could be operated even in case of power failure.

The fire extinguisher will start operation within 5-10 seconds of identifying the origin of any fire and turn on the water pump automatically and a cellphone joined with the device will inform others about the fire, he said.

This mechanical device won both the first and the second prizes in the Science and Technology Fair at divisional and national levels respectively.

Mizan also invented a jacket and a helmet which can provide security to firefighters during fire accidents. Mizan’s another invention is a motorcar which could be used for the development of autistic people. This can be run both with patrol and electricity.

He also developed a device by using which farmers will be able to switch on and off their automatic irrigation machines remotely.

For this device, Mizan won the Environment Award at national level on June 5, 2016 and received 17 other awards from Upazila Parishad, district and divisional levels.

His motorcar made with local technology was included in the Access to Information (a2i) project of Prime Minister’s Office.

Mizan said his only dream is to work for the country and the nation. Currently, he is working for developing an air purification machine. “If I get more assistance from the government, I’ll be able to invent more devices,” he added. UNB


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