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The International Crimes Tribunal-1 today said the global community should recognise the genocide happened in Bangladesh during the Liberation War so that such crimes do not recur. - A home for your website

"The nation can never forget the lugubrious scar it experienced in 1971. Global community is now expected to stand up and recognize the genocide happened in Bangladesh in 1971 and also to raise voice by saying “never again”, the tribunal said.

The three-member tribunal led by Justice Md Shahinur Islam observed this while delivering a verdict in a case filed against two Netrakona men for their involvement in genocide and crimes against humanity committed in 1971. The tribunal handed down death penalty to them.

Around 30 lakh Bangladeshi people were killed and two lakh women were raped at the hands of Pakistani army men and their local collaborators during the nine-month war.

The parliament on March 11 2017 unanimously adopted a resolution to observe March 25 as Genocide Day.

On this day in 1971, Pakistani army started crack down on the Bangalees and killed them indiscriminately.

But the international community is yet to recognise the genocide.


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