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Responding to the request of the viewers, lustrous model-actress Safa Kabir and popular singer Imran Mahmudul have been featured together once again in a music video. This time around, the duo will be seen in the music video of Imran’s new song ‘Amar Kachhe Tumi Onno Rokom’. The song is written by Mehdi Hasan Limon and tuned by Nazir Mahmud. Besides, Vicky Zahed, who is a prominent name in the town for making music videos, has directed this music video also. - A home for your website

Earlier on February 5 last year, the same team, which includes each and everyone in this year’s the music video, came up with a music video titled ’Emon Ekta Tumi Chai’ which earned huge admiration from the viewers. Meanwhile, the music video has already reached two crore views on the YouTube channel of CD Choice.

Following the success of the previous music video, Imran is going to release his new music video this February 5 to mark the completion of one-year journey of his last year’s venture.

In the meantime, the shooting of the music video has been completed last week.

Imran said about his new song, “’Emon Ekta Tumi Chai’ is one of the most successful songs in my career. Undoubtedly, I am grateful to everyone who worked behind the song. The lyric, tune and unique performance of Safa as well as the love of the audience took this song to a different height, which also has brought honour for me at home and abroad.”

“Expressing my love to everyone, I have done my new song ’Amar Kachhe Tumi Onno Rokom’. Keeping up with the trends, the song has turned out to be outstanding,” Imran added.

Safa said about appearing with Imran again, “My special thanks to Imran for involving me once again with another wonderful song. As usual, this song is also beautiful and romantic. The viewers would find out a unique story which is taken from the singers’ life.”

Imran’s new music video will be released under the banner of CMV on February 5.