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Superstar Apu Biswas was ushered into the film industry by acclaimed director Amjad Hossain. She has acted in numerous commercially successful films in her career. After a short hiatus from work, she is back in business. Biswas has a film along with some TVC projects in the pipeline for the New Year. To find out more about her upcoming ventures, The Daily Star caught up with the actor for a chat. - A home for your website

You are acting in a new TVC. Tell us a little bit about that.
Yes, Im beginning the New Year with a new TVC. We started filming yesterday at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC). The TVC is endorsing an oil brand. Its directed by Akash Amin. Im delighted to have started the year with a good project.

Are you currently working on a film?
Im currently working on Shashurbari Zindabaad 2 opposite Bappi, directed by Debashish Biswas. We began shooting for the film near the end of last year. I hope that the audience will see me in a new light in this film.


Are you also performing on stage currently?
Yes, I am. I have been dancing for quite some time, so it comes in handy during stage performances. Also, I really appreciate receiving the audiences love directly when on stage.

What are you looking forward to in your film career?
See, I belong to films. People know me because of my films. All the love I have received from my fans came, by and large, for my films. I have always prioritised cinema. There are a few projects in talks right now. I look forward to committing to the projects that strike a chord with me.

Renowned director Amjad Hossain, who ushered you into the film industry, passed away recently. How much do you miss him?
I miss him tremendously. He was like a father and a guardian to me. I went to visit him when he was ill, and never thought that he would leave us so soon. Its a monumental achievement for me that I entered the film industry under the guidance of such a noteworthy director. I will always miss him. I hope hes happy, wherever he is.

How are you spending your spare time these days?
I spend my leisure time with my son. Its my absolute favourite pastime. My son means everything to me. He is in school now. Its a new journey for him. I want to raise him as a good human being, and hope he has a beautiful life ahead.

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