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Audience-admired actress Humaira Himu, who has recently directed a reality show successfully, is now aspiring to enter the arena of directing tele-drama and telefilm as well. - A home for your website

The actress is looking forward to testing her direction skills if she finds a good story along with a suitable producer.

About her new intention, Humaira Himu said, “I have been acting for a long time now. During this period, I have received the cordial support from my co-artistes and directors. With lots of dedication and hard work, I am now on this stage. For this, I am grateful to the audiences that they watch my dramas regularly.”

“Now a keen interest of directing dramas has grown inside me, but I do not want to do it without any preparations. If I find a suitable producer for the projects, only then I would go forward with my plan. I want my directorial debut to touch the audience’s heart.”

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