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Yesterday afternoon, the new ministers, state ministers and deputy ministers have been sworn-in to the cabinet as the first step towards formation of Sheikh Hasinas third consecutive government. President Abdul Hamid administered the oath to the batch of new ministers. This cabinet comprising mostly new faces while Sheikh Hasina swore in for the fourth time as prime minister of Bangladesh government. - A home for your website

The cabinet secretary moderated the ceremony. The functionalities began from 3:30pm with recitation from the Holy Quran. The names of the cabinet members have already been publicised. In total, there are 47 ministers, state ministers and deputies. On top of it, almost all of the members of cabinet are new faces and they will not see most of its previous members including some heavyweight ones and those from alliance members of the ruling coalition. Moreover, for the first time in 22 years, the new council of ministers will be a single-party one. Among the 47 members in the new council of ministers, 27 are first timers.

Heads of state and different international agencies have already conveyed their good wishes to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her government after winning the general election. Considering the regional stability, Hasina s role in Rohingya issue and regional economic development continuity of this government could bring positive outcome for the nation.

We hope that government will also focus on developing economy which is mainly driven by three major sectors: agriculture, export and remittance. More than half of our population is directly or indirectly involved with agriculture, and its contribution to the GDP growth is 14.10 percent. The sector has made commendable progress over the past 47 years. But its achievements remain an untold story despite having an overwhelming impact on major macro-economic objectives like employment generation, poverty alleviation, human resources development, food security, etc. New government should consider these in order to maximize growth, distribution and development.

However, the new cabinet is also full of new faces, and our expectation from them would be to show courage and commitment in terms of running their respective ministries. Taking up state responsibilities for the sake of serving the people is no easy task. It was indeed a mammoth task for the PM to select the new faces based on their previous track-records and qualification; therefore they should prove the PM s selection appropriate and worthwhile. On that note, we wish all the best for the newly formed cabinet.

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