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Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today said police are investigating into the mystery of the killings of suspected rapists committed by ‘Hercules’. - A home for your website

“The so called “Hercules” or the people behind it are not doing the right thing,” the minister said at a programme in Dhaka this morning.

The rapists deserve punishment but it is the responsibility of the law enforcers to ensure punishment, he said. “These issues should have been brought under the law and order system.”

The home minister also urged people from all sectors of life including teachers of schools, colleges, madrassas, clergies of mosques and journalist to stand against drug abuse.

“Our prime minister is working towards building corruption-free Bangladesh and establishing good governance,” he said adding that this generation must be saved from the horrible consequence of drugs.

The minister was speaking at a reception to liberation war heroes and annual sports day program at Averroes International School at Dhaka’s Lalmatia.