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Jatiya Oikya Front leader Kamal Hossain has said the people of Bangladesh would brave repressive measures by the regime to restore their voting rights. Addressing a Suhrawardy Udyan rally on Tuesday, he urged the people to guard polling stations so that votes cannot be rigged. - A home for your website

“Guarding voting rights means guarding independence. If the voting rights are violated, independence becomes meaningless,” said Kamal, an eminent jurist and Gano Forum president, who led the process of the formation of the opposition coalition.

“History teaches us that nothing can stop the people when they wake up to establish their rights. People of Bangladesh want their voting rights back,” he added.

In an apparent bid to address apprehensions about rigging and ballot stuffing, Kamal Hossain said the people will have to be ready to guard the polling stations on the day of voting.

“No king or queen is the owner of the country. Its you, the people who can claim ownership of Bangladesh. Lets get united to assert your righteous ownership,” he told the rally presided over by BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

The BNP leader announced a series of programmes unless the Awami League government accepts the oppositions 7-point demand for holding free and fair elections in the country. The Front leaders sit with the AL president, prime minister Sheikh Hasina, on Wednesday.

Kamal Hossain blasted the AL regime for the blanket detention of the opposition leaders and activists and termed premier Sheikh Hasina-led government unelected.

“Even an elected government cant resort to such wholesale repression of the opposition activists, let alone the right of an unelected regime like yours,” he said addressing the prime minister.

Kamal Hossain mentioned that the number of opposition parties and groups have got united in order to see a fair election.

And he expressed determination that they would be able to ensure a free and fair election in the country and remove injustice.

Thousands of leaders and activists of the BNP holding placards, banners and portraits of its founder Ziaur Rahman, jailed chairperson Khaleda Zia and acting chairman Tarique Rahman joined the rally as they reacehd the venue before noon.

On 13 October, the BNP together with Kamal Hossain-led Jatiya Oikya Prokriya, Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal and Nagorik Oikya launched the Jatiy Oikya Front or National Unity Front, placing the seven-point demand.

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