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The 17th parliamentary elections of India is knocking at the door. The election is scheduled to be held in April-May 2019. All necessary exercises are being undertaken by all relevant political dispensations based all around India to gain form foothold in the Indian political scenario. There is no clear cut agenda focused upon by the vast numbers of electorates, thereby the common people of the country are kept in utter quandary. - A home for your website

According to Indias political history, it was around the fifties and sixties that Professor Hiren Mukherjee, Ajoy Mukherjee, the Biswanath Mukherjee-Gita Mukherjee couple and various other reputed representatives of the people had deep regard for the citizens and were accountable to them. In todays scenario, however, accountability and eagerness to do something for the betterment of the citizens, have all perished. This may be seen as a change in mindset and grooming, but in reality all the political analysts and rational-minded citizens of India and that of the subcontinent will analyse this as an utter reiteration of the dark ages. Though we might coin this trend as the age of change, in reality it is analysed as decaying of our traditional culture and ethos. Under these circumstances, it is important to observe how the political parties of India are gearing up for the much hyped parliamentary election of 2019, scheduled to be held in April-May.

How are the present political dispensations of India gearing up for 2019 election?

Political parties of India are all actively preparing for the 2019 Lok Sabha election. Starting from the ruling BJP and NDA Alliance, every nationalist and regional party is gearing up for this parliamentary election. All parties, both national and regional, will vie to secure victory but none of them are offering any specific agenda. This is no doubt the biggest shortcoming in all political parties of India. Noted scholar and former finance minister of West Bengal late Ashok Mitra always propagated that political parties should focus on diverse developmental agendas for the benefit of the nation on a macro scale.

What is noticeable among all political parties of India is mudslinging. Instead of concentrating upon development aspects, the political entities are busy hurling pejorative remarks at each other on both a national and a state level. This retards our growth objectives. That is why we are in a state of utter confusion which could have been easily avoided. Even the educated classes on the political bandwagon could not make any positive headway, mainly due to adverse social and economic situations.

Excessive price rise on all essential commodities and devaluation of the rupee are all creating an excess burden upon the common people, especially upon the middle classes and the poorer sections of the vast Indian populace.

How can the political fraternities of India become closer to the people?

The task of political fraternities to become closer to the citizens is essential but judging by the present social and political situation, it is a difficult situation. Though there are transparent-minded people in politics, they are sidetracked.

It will take time for everything to become transparent and crystal clear in our society. Also due to the burgeoning population, we find that development activities are slowed down. This has to be tackled fast within a couple of years. India should not lag behind other at all in this regard.

* Sujayendra Das writes from Kolkata, India

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