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In a strange coincidence, 10 fire incidents took place one after another in Chandpur in recent weeks. Valuables worth several crores were lost in those fires as the affected people did not have any fire insurance. - A home for your website

On March 12, a fire broke out in Mokimabad area of Hajiganj upazila town due to an electrical short circuit. Five houses were gutted. Day labourers used to live in these buildings. They lost their valuables, clothes and cash in the fire. The loss was estimated at about Tk. 25 lakh.

Hajiganj Paura mayor Mahbubul Alam Lipon rushed to the spot and helped the affected people with some money.

In another fire incident at Balia Bazar early Sunday under Chandpur Sadar, some traders incurred a loss of about Tk. 50 lakh. The fire originated from an electrical short circuit and gutted eight shops and warehouses.

In yet another fire incident on March 9, 15 shops and godowns were burnt to ashes at Baburhat Moidhdya Bazar on the outskirts of Chandpur Sadar. The flames broke out from a low- quality old electric generator at a Grameen phone tower, which suddenly exploded in the area. Local traders suffered a loss of Tk. 3 crore.

On March 7, a fire broke out in the home of Ajit Dash at Kholapara village near Fakir Bazar under Hajiganj Upazila. Three houses were reduced to ashes. The fire originated from an electrical short circuit. The loss was estimated to be about Tk. 25 lakh.

On February 24, a fire incident took place at Monoharpur village in Kochua upazila and seven houses were burnt to ashes. The fire originated from a gas cylinder blast. The loss was estimated to be around Tk. 20 lakh.

Seven business houses were gutted by fire at the dead of night on February 18 at Badarpur Bazar in Matlab Dakhshin upazila. In that incident, valuables worth Tk. 50 lakh were devoured by the fire, which also originated from an electrical short circuit.

A cylinder blast in the kitchen of the local madrasha and orphanage caused a massive fire that gutted valuables worth Tk. 10 crores in 25 shops and godowns at Rahimanagar Bazar, a very busy and bustling commercial hub in Kochua upazila, just beside the Kochua-Kailapara regional highway, on February 13.

Another fire incident also took place at Monihar Talukderbari in Rampur union in Chandpur Sadar on Saturday at 6 pm.

Two more fire incidents recently took place in Faridganj and Shahrasti upazilas. The loss was estimated at Tk. 25 lakh.

When asked about the reasons for so many fire incidents due to electrical short circuits, Chandpur Polli Biddut Samity-1 general manager Mohammad Kefayetullah said: "Owing to faulty electrical wiring and weak electrical instruments/devices in the dwelling houses and shops, the electric short circuit may occur at any time and spark fire incidents." "We’ll alert power consumers about the dangers of ’faulty electrical wiring," he added.

Fire Station and Civil Defence (Chandpur) senior station officer Md Mobarak Ali said: "The deplorable and narrow condition of roads, lanes and bylanes often hinder firefighters to reach the spot on time.

Besides, lack of awareness and farsightedness are also contributing to these fire incidents."