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Foreign pavilions are operated in full swing in the ongoing Dhaka International Trade Fair, drawing the attention of the local crowds by displaying their exclusive products. - A home for your website

Twenty-two foreign countries are participating in the show in which 26 foreign pavilions, 18 general pavilions and 22 food stalls will be set up on the fair venue. Although the month-long fair is into its first week, some of the stalls are yet to open.

The participating foreign pavilions are mostly from Turkey, Thailand, India and Nepal. Jewellery items such as—ornaments, bracelets—Kashmiri shawls, Turkish melamine products, and gift sets for kids are gaining attention of the visitors.

The foreign pavilions are situated a bit far away on the right side of the main entrance.

A foreign pavilion named Kitchen Cutlery is showcasing all types of kitchen accessories and home decorative items. Rabbi, the seller of the stall said they were selling foreign products. “We buy these products from China. The products are pots and pans, frying pans, skillets, casserole and stockpots.

An Indian stall inside the foreign pavilion was showcasing various womens footwear such bridal shoes, Jaipuri, Nagpuri, Punjabi and Jodhpuri shoes.

The owner of the stall, requesting anonymity, said different designs and types of shoes such as—stone work, crystal work, and hand embroidery were also available.

When asked about the price, he said the price of bridal shoes ranged between Tk 800 and Tk 1,000.

Another foreign stall was mostly showcasing jewellery products. “Prices range from Tk 300 to Tk 400. A bracelet costs Tk 400,” said a salesperson.

Bracelets had already received a good response from the visitors, she added.

When asked about the discount being offered, she said, “We are giving Tk 50 discount on certain types of jewellery items.”

All the jewellery products had been imported from China and Korea, she informed.

Various types of lighting items were seen in the Turkish pavilion. A salesperson was displaying melamine inside the Iranian pavilion. “Each Iranian melamine costs Tk 250 and we are offering 10 per cent discount on the products,” he said.

About the types of melamine product at his stall, he said, “We are selling trays and cake plates.”

Iranian stalls are also selling spices and herbs. Iranian businessman Emad said, “Price per kg of Jeera is Tk 500 and we are selling it at lower than the usual price.”

The Kashmir pavilion is showcasing different types of products such as bags, carpets and bed sheets. “Bag prices start from Tk 1,200 and go up to Tk 3,000. Cushion bags cost Tk 2,000, multicolour bags cost Tk 3,000 and Hijab (veil) cost Tk 700,” said the salesman.

“We have Kashmiri carpets, which cost Tk 30,000 and Jaipuri bed sheets, made of pure cotton, in black print cost Tk 1,200,” he added.

Napali pavilions are showcasing products such as jeans, Nepali shawls, Tupi. A sales representative at a Nepali stall said on condition of anonymity the price of Nepali shawls started from Tk 950 and Tupis from Tk 200.

The Indian stalls are selling shawls at a brisk pace. The salesperson at one stall said, “Kashmiri shawls are drawing customers, as there is intense cold this winter season.”

“Shawls of different prices are available at our stall. Most of them are available from Tk 2,800 to Tk 3,200.”

The stalls in the Thailand pavilion are mostly selling various kitchen accessories such as juicer, dry cleaners and frying pans.