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Feni madrasa student Nusrat Jahan Rafi, who is undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH), is in a critical condition and has been placed on life support. Nusrat was put on life support around 11:30am yesterday, said Samanta Lal Sen, coordinator of the National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery at DMCH. Meanwhile, the Prime minister directed the authorities to take Nusrat to Singapore, if needed, for advanced medical treatment. - A home for your website

Samanta Lal Sen told the media that the prime minister had directed them to make arrangements to airlift her to Singapore if her condition warrants. During his visit to the victim, Health Minister Jahid Malek Swapan said medical reports of the victim were sent to Singapore, and they are waiting for the response from Singapore hospital.

“When the report feedback reaches us, we will immediately send the victim to Singapore,” said the minister.

PM"s Special Assistant Biplab Barua, who went to visit the girl, told the media that hospitals in Singapore were reluctant to admit patients with such severe burns. “But still we have got in touch with them.”

Barua said that the government would bear all her treatment expenses. “The perpetrators will not be spared, but the priority now is the girl"s health condition,” he said.

“Her condition is not good. As much as 75 per cent of her body has been burnt. Nusrat has been in ICU since her admission. Now she is on life support,” Samanta Lal said yesterday morning after she was placed on life support.

The DMCH authorities formed a nine-member medical board for the treatment of

the 18-year-old. However, the family of student, burnt allegedly after refusing to lift sexual abuse charges against the principal, filed a case of attempted murder.

The victim"s brother Mahmudul Hasan lodged a case yesterday with the Sonagazi police station, said Moazzem Hossan, Officer in Charge (OC) of the station.

The case accuses four masked persons and their accomplices, according to documents. Police have so far made seven arrests over the incident.

“They are being interrogated. Earlier, these detainees repeatedly demanded the release of the principal,” said the OC.

The detainees are lecturer of the madrasa Afsar Uddin, student Ariful Islam, Nurul Amin, Md. Mostofa, Nurul Amin, Ala Uddin, Saidul Islam, Jasim Uddin, Afsar Uddin.

Before being put on life support, Nusrat wanted exemplary punishment for those involved. According to a media report, Nusrat gave a "dying statement" in the presence of two witnesses and a doctor.

Nusrat said that four people dressed in veils set fire to her. One of the four was named Shampa.

For some years the madrasa principal had been harassing female students. He used to tempt them in the name of giving question papers before the examination. If anyone refused his proposal, he used to harass them.

Although she did not disclosed the matter to her family earlier, on March 27 the principal treated her offensively. She informed her family and the other students also came to know about it. Her family filed case against the principal, she said.

Since then, she was going to the madrasa with her brother. But on that day, her brother was not allowed into the madrasa compound and had to leave his sister in front the gate.

Nusrat said that on that day while she entered the examination centre four person asked her to go to the roof. She said all four of them were wearing veils.

However, only one of them talked to her and pressured her to withdraw the case and also told her that the allegation she made against the principal were false. But she refused withdraw the case, and all on a sudden they tied her hands with a scarf. Then, they threw something on her and told her to run, and she ran with her body on fire.

None of the four addressed each other by their names. But they did so only once and the name she heard was Shampa. The voice she heard was a female voice. But she was unable to recognize anyone because they all had veils on.

Earlier, on Saturday, the student, a resident of Sonagazi Municipality, went to the local Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrasa to sit for Alim exams.

Her brother Mahmudul Hasan Noman told reporters that Siraj-ud-Daula had called Nusrat to his room on Mar 27 and molested her.

Later, when she told her family about the incident, her mother filed a case with the Sonagazi Police Station.

"Brother, whatever happens to me, Principal Siraj-ud-Daula and his associates who have set me on fire, they should be brought to justice,” said Mahamudhul quoting his sister.

Noman alleged that after Siraj-ud-Daula"s arrest, his people had been threatening Nusrat to withdraw the case against him.

“They asked her to withdraw the case against principal Maulana Siraj Ud Doula. As she would not budge, one of them poured kerosene on her from a glass and set her ablaze,” the victim"s brother said, quoting her.

Police and others rescued her after hearing her cry and took her to Sonagazi Upazila Health complex from where she was shifted to the Feni General Hospital before transferring to the DMCH.