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Compared to paddy, wheat or onion cultivation, groundnut farming brings double profit. Farmers on the border belt of Jhenidah, especially those from Moheshpur upazila, have shown keen interest in peanut farming as the cultivation has paid dividends. - A home for your website

A number of groundnut farmers said they had started cultivating groundnut as a hobby a few years ago, but now a huge number of farmers are engaged in groundnut farming on a commercial basis.

Abdur Rashid has said farmers have been producing B-3, Dhaka-1 and local variety of groundnut on their land.

“A farmer can harvest eight to 10 maunds (one maund is 40kg) of peanut on one bigha and that can bring least Tk 35,000.

I have brought 2.5 bighas of land under groundnut farming in the current season as against last year’s 1.5 bighas,” he said.

He also said he was able to earn Tk 20,000 to Tk 22,000 in just three months. “Compared to paddy, wheat or onion cultivation, groundnut farming brings double profit,” he said.

The department of agriculture extension (DAE) in Jhenidah has been providing both technical and financial assistance to the farmers.

Abu Talha, upazila agriculture officer, Moheshpur said: “Farmers in the upazila initially started groundnut farming as a hobby.

But, now they’ve started reaping benefits as peanuts have a huge demand in the market throughout the year.” According to the office of the deputy director, DAE, a total of 428 hectares of land were brought under the groundnut farming in the current season while farmers of Moheshpur did cultivation of groundnut on 409 hectares.

Jhenidah Sadar upazila farmers have brought 11 hectares and Kotchandpur farmers brought remaining eight hectares of land under the groundnut farming, the office of deputy director said.

G.M. Abdur Rauf, deputy director, DAE, Jhenidah, has said: “The groundnut can produce 48 to 50 per cent of oil and 19 to 22 per cent of protein.

People like peanuts both raw and dried varieties.”

He added: “Peanuts are used in chanachur, biscuits, cake and other foods and bakery items.

Groundnuts help reduce cholesterol and old-age complications. They also prevent cancer and heart diseases.”

The DAE has been providing technical and other assistance when they are not in a position to gain much from the paddy and some other crops, G.M. Abdur Rauf said.