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BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir today blasted Hefajat-e-Islam Chief Allama Shafi over his recent comment on women. Reflecting on his advice against women’s education, Fakhrul said such comments are unwanted, unwelcome and regrettable. - A home for your website

“I am stunned and surprised at Hefajat-e-Islam Chief Allama Shafis comment,” said the BNP leader in a press statement issued to the media.

On Friday, Allama Shafi at parogramme in Chattogram urged parents not to educate their daughters beyond the fourth or fifth grade.

Reflecting on it, Fakhrul said, Bangladeshi people will be embarrassed before the international community with such remarks. “Women education is an indispensable matter to eradicate social misdeeds and disparities.”

Claiming that women education is a must, he said: “Our country and society will stay in far behind from the growing trend of progress if our women are not educated.”