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The proposals by the Food and Drug Administration of the US to prohibit menthol cigarettes and flavoured cigars can save lives if these are implemented quickly, an anti-tobacco campaigner says. These proposals, placed on Nov 15, “have enormous potential to drive down tobacco use and the death and disease it causes in the US”, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids said in a statement on Sunday. - A home for your website

However, the FDA must move as quickly as possible to propose, finalise and implement the necessary regulations,” its President Matthew L Myers added.

The FDAs actions on electronic cigarettes are praise-worthy but not short of banning the flavours that have made e-cigarettes so popular with kids, according to the statement.

Menthol and mint flavours will remain widely available despite recent data that show 51 percent of high school students who currently use e-cigarettes use menthol- or mint-flavoured products, it added.

“With these flavours still widely available, it is doubtful that this plan will stem the tide of youth e-cigarette use and it will be critical for the FDA to quickly supplement the steps,” it added.