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Love-Language-Liberation War-Women-Solidarity may be said to be five cornerstones that constitute a socio-political conscience of a good citizen in this developing country. There can possibly be more parallel or overarching phenomenon that can be added to this list, but these five have been the ones that Muktobak have adopted for their recitation-based-production. - A home for your website

The troupe presented the production on January 4 at Shawkat Osman Smrity Auditorium of Central Public Library, Shahbagh in the city. Five lady elocutionists presented these five themes through their individual recitations at the programme.
The five performers were Aditi Amritaraj, Iram Mahfuza, Sadiya Afrin, Trishna Pal and Rubina Shanaz. Aditi Amritaraj recited about love and care rendering the verses from Rowshan Jhunu s poetry "Jhinuk Nodi Mukto Buk-E." She also built on poetries by Pramathnath Bishi, Rahima Akther Kalpana and Sakira Parvin. Iram Mahfuza recited about language capitalising on Khondakar Ashraf Hossain, Shamsur Rahman and Subodh Sarkar. Trishna Pal presented verses by Kazi Nazrul Islam, Subodh Sarkar and Mallika Sengupta. Finally Rubina Shahnaz recited about solidarity with poems by Shamsur Rahman, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Mohammad Nurul Huda, Nasima Sultana and Tarik Sujat.
The five took to stage simultaneously and also remained on stage together side-by-side while they recited one by one over each of the microphones before them. The spirit might have been one of unity or solidarity- the final theme of the production. To further emphasize this theme there stood five different static figures with the same build and colour. The five apparently seemed to hold hands together as a sign of not just unity but also strength. Apparently made from curtain the five figures represented femininity and care and to be more precise united strength of caring women, thus incorporating almost all the themes of the production while having the background of a moon in a peaceful night.

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