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Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman Iqbal Mahmood on Sunday said education will be ensured at classrooms at any cost. “No one will be allowed to play drakes and ducks with the education of our children. Education have to be ensured at classrooms at any cost,” the ACC chief told reporters after a sudden visit to Kattoli Nurul Haque Chowdhury Primary School in the port city at 9:15 am. - A home for your website

If required, the ACC will enforce section 166 of the Penal Code if anyone tries to harm the future of our next generation, said the ACC chairman to guardians.

Without any prior notice, the ACC chief arrived here around 8:15 am and inspected several schools of the port city after being informed that the teachers of most of the schools do not attend classes regulary.

During his visit, he found only the acting headmaster among eight teachers of Kattoli Nurul Haque Chowdhury Primary School was present at a school.The guardians expressed their frustration to the chairman.

Later, he visited Bhatiari Government Primary School and found nine out of eleven teachers present on time.

The school authority, however, also could not inform the ACC chairman the reason behind the absence of the teachers.

Examining the attendance book, the ACC chief found that the students who remained absent on Saturday were shown present today. Besides, teachers did not update the attendance sheet till 10pm.

Later, he went to inspect Shitolpur High School and found that the students who failed to pass the class-IX final examination were allowed to take admission in class X after paying an extra fee of Tk 2,000.

Expressing anger over the matter, Iqbal Mahmood said, “It’s immoral. There can be no place for immorality in the education field.”

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