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Battery-driven easy bikes in the district town of Tangail has been instrumental behind huge traffic congestion resulting in immense sufferings to city dwellers. Frequent accidents are also taking place due to reckless driving by non-trained drivers. - A home for your website

The number of non-registered easy bikes has become alarming in the context of road safety.

Locals say easy bikes are dominating the streets of the town. Most of the drivers are raw and without any training. They drive recklessly and cause frequent accidents. Many easy bikes do not have any valid licenses and ply without a number plate. They park on the main road. Moreover, huge power is consumed in charging the batteries of these easy bikes, sources say.

Congestion due to easy bikes are always visible from new bus terminal to CNG pump on the southern part of the terminal, at the Medical College Hospital gate, Shamsul Hoque gate, Kumuddini Government College intersection, Supari Bagan intersection, old bus terminal, Kalibari intersection, Battala intersection, Nerala intersection, Baby station intersection, in front of poura park and some other important places of the city.

Many buses are also parked on the road on the south of the new bus terminal and congestion expands from terminal to hospital and up to the Shamsul Hoque gate.

Easy Bike Owners’ Association secretary Raton Khondoker admitted that some easy bikes do not have number plates. "Road development works and construction works by the side of the main roads are causing congestion," he claimed.

Tangail municipality mayor Jamilur Rahman Miron said that considering a large number of easy bikes, the authorities have allowed the drivers of the approved and number-bearing autos to ply in two shifts. This initiative has brought in positive results, he added.

Ershadul Hoque, traffic Inspector of Tangail, said the situation involving easy bikes has come under control, except in a few stray incidents.

Though the municipality gave licenses to 3,000 easy bikes, the actual number of these vehicles on the streets exceeds twice that number. The congestion will be more acute if bold steps are not taken against the drivers of the easy bikes without valid licenses.


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