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Election Commissioner Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury has warned election officials that they will face stern disciplinary action if found guilty of bias during the upcoming national election. A training programme for trainers began at the Electoral Training Institute at Agargaon on Saturday ahead of the upcoming general election on Dec 30. - A home for your website

“Impartiality is a very important for this election and for every election. We want you to practice your neutrality irrespective of party or political philosophy,” Shahadat told the election officials during the inaugural ceremon.

“The Election Commission will take legal measures against anyone proven to be biased.”

No one would be spared, he added.

“Since this is a participatory election, it will be competitive. You have to ensure all candidates receive an equal opportunity to take part for a successful and participatory election,” said the commissioner.

Many political parties, including the BNP, had boycotted the 10th national parliamentary election, but will be contesting the one this December. The BNP has complained of lack of equal opportunity in the election.

“This election is very important and is anticipated by both the people in the country, as well as the international community,” said Shahadat Hossain.

He urged trainers to internalise the training they are receiving properly and perform their duties in a professional and impartial manner.

“A fair election is very necessary for the countrys future,” said Shahadat Hossain, adding that the Election Commission is determined to conduct a free, fair and acceptable election.

“A proper government can be formed only through a fair election to who will lead the country.”

The commissioner urged field-level election officials to operate according to the rules to ensure the election is impartial.