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The allocation of electoral symbols, to candidates of all parties, has begun for the upcoming 11th parliamentary election in Dhaka.The commission started allocating symbols around 10am on Monday. Symbols will be allocated for all 300 constituencies during the course of the day. - A home for your website

Sunday was the last day for candidates to withdraw their nominations.

Previously, the political parties informed the commission about their final candidates via formal letters.

According to the electoral code of conduct, candidates can start campaigning once symbols have been allocated to them. The candidates will have to stop their campaign activites 32 hours before voting day—which is December 30.

Therefore, this year the candidates can campaign for 19 days.

Election Commission s Joint Secretary Farhad Ahmed Khan said: "The candidates can campaign after symbol allocation."

Although the symbols of parties and alliances are already set, the symbols of independent candidates have yet to be provided—based on applications.