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Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda on Wednesday asked the officials to be involved in the announcement of election results to remain cautious in performing their duties as one mistake can create a big disorder. - A home for your website

Be careful so that not a single mistake can occur -- neither in vote counting nor announcement of results,” the CEC told the election officials.


K M Nurul Huda came up with the directive while speaking at a training session on Election Management System (EMS), Candidate Information Management System (CIMS) and Result Management System (RMS) at Nirbachan Bhaban in the morning.


Nurul Huda said, “You ve to receive the training properly and prove it in the field through performing your duties flawlessly as just one mistake can create a big disorder.”

The CEC went on to say, “Don t allow one mistake to thwart the election process. Technical persons are very important in the election process as results from all the polling centres in the country will come through the software. If there s any fault, the election results might be changed,” he said.


“You ve to apply your full capacity and merit and work hard to ensure a fair election,” he urged the officials.


The CEC said the Commission is amazed to see the public interest centering the election and the festive mood that is prevailing across the country. “We ve to remain alert so that the interest and confidence of people are not affected by our mistakes The Commission, Huda said, is taking into consideration the suggestions made by political parties and their candidates.