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A picture of a bedazzled plane has left many on the Internet both impressed and confused. The picture circulating on social media shows a diamond-studded Emirates aircraft on a runway and it seems like the plane is preparing for a journey. What’s more, the picture was shared on the official Emirates Airline Twitter handle and caught even more attention of netizens. The embellished plane, however, is just a picture and not a reality. - A home for your website

Presenting the Emirates Bling 777. Image created by Sara Shakeel, says the tweet posted by the airlines confirming that the plane is simply a picture, reports
The picture was earlier shared by artist Sara Shakeel on Instagram. Her page, with over 4.8 lakh followers, is flooded with pictures of regular things made to look spectacular with the use of some glitter and shine.

Shakeel posted the image of the plane on December 4 and it has since amassed over 54,000 likes. It even landed her an upgrade on her flight from Pakistan to Milan, reports Khaleej Times.
Guess, Emirates liked her work so much, they couldnt help but tweet the picture. Since Tuesday, the tweet has collected over 12,000 likes and more than 4,000 retweets.

People cant seem to keep calm and have shared their reactions about the plane.

Is this real? asks one Twitter user. Can this actually be flown or is this a scale model or a computer generated image, wonders another.

Are you playing with physics and aerodynamics ? reads a comment. Pointless and gaudy, should focus on refurbishing the seats and providing comfortable seats, reads another.

Many others showered praise.