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Opposition Jatiya Oikya Front on Friday alleged that the ruling Awami League activists attacked the motorcade of its leaders including Dr Kamal Hossain and ASM Rob when they went to Martyred Intellectuals Memorial at Mirpur to pay tribute.The attack injured about a hundred activists of the front, including Rob, left eight cars damaged, it alleged. - A home for your website

JOF at a press conference at its office in Paltan said that the Awami League activists attacked them, firing gunshots, hurling brick chips, beating up with sticks, hockey sticks but the police remained idle.

They said they could not go to police station as the police station was kept surrounded by the Awami League activists.

’It’s a planned attack,’ said ASM Rob, who briefed the journalists about the attack at the press conference, participated by a dozens of injured activists putting bandage in their bodies.

’The attack was a continuation of the countrywide attack on the JOF candidates and its leaders and activists and the attacks are aimed at discouraging JOF to participate in the upcoming general elections,’ he said.

Kamal Hossain said the attack saddened them, as it was a programme to pay tribute to the martyred intellectuals.

’Have they forgotten about the day, about the martyred intellectuals?’ he said.

’The attack is demeaning the patriot martyred intellectuals,’ Kamal Hossain said.

He urged the inspector general of police to investigate the incident and urged the police not to carry out the illegal orders of the government.

’Don’t violate the constitution by carrying out illegal order of the government. Remember that no government is permanent,’ he said.

Kamal Hossain said the government was not above the law and those who are making illegal order to police would be tried.

He said the government should be ashamed of the attack on them when they went to pay tribute to the martyred intellectuals.

’Behave with manner during these 16 days of your tenure before election,’ he warned the government.

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