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The BNP will begin selling nomination papers for the parliamentary election a day after it announced that it will be competing in the polls. BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi highlighted the nomination forms at a press conference on Sunday after the Jatiya Oikya Front announced that it would participate in the election. The nomination forms will be sold on Monday and Tuesday. Submissions will be accepted on Tuesday and Wednesday. - A home for your website

Nominees will have to pay Tk 30,000 for the nomination forms: Tk 5,000 will be for the form and Tk 25,000 will be a security deposit.

“Candidates can pick up nomination forms from the Naya Paltan offices from 10am to 4pm on Nov 12 and Nov 13,” he said.

“We will have various booths set up where they can buy and submit the papers. The applications have to be filled out and returned between 10am and 4pm on Nov 13 and Nov 14. So there are two days to pick up the forms and two days to submit them.”

The ruling Awami League announced the sale of nomination forms on Friday, soon after the schedule was announced.

Sales will continue until Monday.

The Jatiya Oikya Front, of which the BNP is a member, announced on Sunday that it would take part in the polls while continuing to press for their seven-point list of demands.

The BNP-led 20 Party Alliance and five other parties, including five parties led by Kamal Hossain, formed the opposition Oikya Front coalition.

Asked whether 20-party alliance leaders will pick up nomination papers from the BNP, Rizvi said:

“We have not yet made the decision, but we will inform you.”