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The Awami League has named two more candidates for seats reserved for women in parliament. Pabna’s Nadia Yasmin and Natore’s Ratna Ahmed are the ruling party’s latest nominees. - A home for your website

The decision came after a meeting of the Awami League nomination boards presided over by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday.

On Friday, the Awami League announced 41 candidates, including activist Aroma Dutta and actress Suborna Mustafa, for seats reserved for women in parliament.

The latest nominations take the Awami League’s tally of women candidates to 43. The party has now filled its allotment of women’s seats in parliament.

Among the 350 seats in parliament, 50 are reserved exclusively for women.

While the 300 parliamentary seats are contested in a direct election, the reserved seats are allocated to political parties in proportion to their number of seats in parliament.

Accordingly, 43 seats are allotted to the Awami League, four to the Jatiya Party, one each to the BNP and the Workers Party while the independent candidates may receive one seat if they join the votes.

The election schedule for the reserved seats will be announced on Feb 17, the Election Commission has said.