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As winter rolls, the weather gets dry and dusty. This time of the year can be really tough for those who have asthma as the dust and particles in the air, along with the cold, can trigger breathing issues.

A sudden increasing an asthma patient’s breathing difficulties is known as severe acute asthma and may require admission into hospital.
What to do during asthma attack
: Make the patient sit upright. Comfort them and help them stay calm.
: Generally asthma patients keep reliever inhalers with salbutamol. Take five puffs with the help of a spacer. If there is no spacer role paper sheet and make a spacer.
: Take deep breaths five times after taking the puff. Do not swallow, breathe in. Children and elderly people have to be guided properly.
: Rest after taking the puffs. If the condition does not improve take another five puffs. One can take up to 25 puffs in this manner.
: In case of acute breathing difficulties, one can use a nebuliser with mixture of saline and salbutamol.
: If the condition worsens take the patient to hospital immediately. The patient may need oxygen.
At the primary stage, the patient’s nails and tongue darken, he or she breathes heavily, and can faint. Rush the patient to hospital immediately and continue using the inhaler till then.