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Popular actors becoming anchors is not an unconventional occurrence in the showbiz industry. In fact, a multitude of film, television and even theatre stars have turned hosts at the peak of their careers. Let us take a look at some actors who are recognised for their stint in anchoring. - A home for your website

Although there are many actors who turned television hosts, Aupee Karim is certainly one of the biggest names to make her entry into the field. She hosted Amar Ami, a talk show which highlights the achievements of celebrities and gives the audience an insight into the stars personal lives as well. Karim is known for her remarkable performances not just on television, but also on the silver screen and theatre. Rafiath Rashid Mithila, amidst a very successful acting career, is currently hosting Amar Ami.

Another prominent actor who has served as a television show host is Bipasha Hayat. Her talents in acting and scriptwriting have earned her a place in the top ranks of the industry over the years. Bipasha was the anchor of Bipashar Otithi. She was remarkable on the show. In addition, television and film actor Tania Ahmed anchored a game show and Tanvin Sweety, who has won the hearts of many with her impeccable performances on television and in theatre, took on the role of a host with the show, Eki Briste.

The entries of these artistes into the field of hosting encouraged many other actors to follow their footsteps. Hridi Huq, known for her acting skills on the stage and television, hosted the show, Media Bhubon. In addition, popular star Nawsheen has acted in a number of hit tele-fictions and anchored many shows, including Jege Achho Ki? and Amar Ami. She has also hosted numerous stage shows and a cooking-based show.
On the other hand, Swagata, who became a well-established television actor ever since she came into the limelight with the You Got The Look pageant, has been hosting the show, Cinebeat Shadakalo, for a long time. The show revolves around cinema and music. Other popular actors who have given hosting a try include Nova, Sushama Sarkar, Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed and Zakia Bari Mamo. Renowned theatre and television personality, Tania Hossain, is also a well-known host.

Further to this, Rabindra Sangeet exponent Rezwana Choudhury Bannya, anchors the morning show, Ekkatorer Shokaal, while prominent actors Subarna Mostafa and Shanta Islam have also been spectacular television hosts.
Alongside acting, the late Tazin Ahmed was known for hosting the shows, Shandhikhone, Tiffiner Phaanke and O Bondhu Amar.

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