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Even in the 21st century, there are massive questions that science cannot yet answer. Questions like — why do all foreign languages sound the same? These are complete mysteries. But, there are some equally mysterious locations. Places that are so strange — science can’t explain them. Here are 10 of such places. - A home for your website

The Devils Kettle Waterfall is in a magical, mythical place called Minnesota. The waterfall is unique. There are two sides to it. The water on the east side flows normally. We see exactly where it leads. But, the water flowing on the west side leads into a pothole and seems to disappear. No one knows where this water flows. Its like it really does disappear.

Multiple experiments have sought to find this out. Color dye was poured into the water, but the dyed water was never found again. Traceable objects were dropped into water flowing into the kettle, but after disappearing into it were never found again.

As of yet there is no accepted scientific explanation. Some associate the kettle with the supernatural — believing the water is transported to a parallel universe and that the kettle is some kind of gateway.

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