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Running a freelance business is hard. Starting out, things like accounting, invoicing, customer support management, and other administrative tasks can seem pretty daunting. At least they did for me. However; after taking the time to read up on the business side of freelancing, it got a little easier. The good news is, there is an insane amount of free information on the internet to help you as a freelancer. Whether you are just starting your freelance business or are looking for ways to grow your existing client base, these blogs should be helpful to you. - A home for your website

Top Blogs About Freelancing

1. Millo
Millo is a team of freelancers and entrepreneurs dedicated to helping people make progress on their creative businesses. On their blog you can find a wealth of information about general freelance topics from finding clients to getting paid.

The Millo community is also active and full of other freelancers and solopreneurs who travel and work. They have a free group on Facebook where you can chat with other people who are freelancing full time.

2. Freelancers Union
The Freelancers Union is an organization created to represent independent workers and provide benefits to freelancers of all kinds. Their blog is also a fantastic resource to freelancers with advice on avoiding common freelancing mistakes, balancing freelancing with a full-time job, and a whole lot more.

You can also meet other freelancers in your local community with their Spark initiative. SPARK hosts meetings on the first Wednesday of every month across the country (United States) where you network, workshop your business, and build your own freelance community.

3. The Freelancer by Contently
The Freelancer is a blog about freelancing and the gig economy from Contently. Contently is an enterprise content marketing platform with content management tools and a marketplace for creative talent. Because they work with so many freelance writers, marketers, and producers on their marketplace, they also have one of the top blogs in the field.

The Freelancer shares larger trends about freelancing and unique articles directly from successful freelancers in their Voices category. If you are still new to the freelance world as a whole, this blog is particularly good for getting an idea of the industry as a whole.

4. Crew
Crew is a network where you can hire freelancers to help you complete projects like building an app, setting up an ecommerce store, and much more.

The Crew Blog has advice on freelancing, with a focus on side projects and side businesses. Crew used Unsplash to save their startup. Find out how you can use side projects to help grow your business/career.

5. 99U
99U is a media company from Adobe that shares fascinating interviews and articles about freelancing and creative business as a whole. They also put on a conference each year in New York City and share videos of talks from the conference and other events.

Read powerful articles and advice from some of the most renowned freelancers and entrepreneurs around the world on the 99U blog.

6. The Sparkline
The Sparkline is a blog for independent creatives and entrepreneurs from Fizzle. Fizzle is an online business program run by Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves, and Steph Crowder. Their blog is full of useful information related to motivation for running a creative business, essential resources, getting more clients, and other important topics.

One of my favorite posts from the Sparkline is about attracting enough visitors to your website to earn a living. It is an inspiring journey into the possibilities of entrepreneurship online and can help to show you the potential of your projects!

7. Paul Jarvis
Paul Jarvis is an author, designer, and all-around creative entrepreneur with a knack for sharing useful knowledge about building better (not bigger) businesses. His blog covers a wide range of topics from writing and creativity to daily habits and life lessons.

Check out Paul’s business of freelancing category to learn how he went from dropping out of college to creating a job that he is passionate about and extremely successful at. Growing from small sub-contracts and jobs, to large projects working with companies like Microsoft, Mercedez-Benz, Warner Music, and more, there is a lot you can learn from Paul.

8. Marie Forleo
Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, writer, and the founder of MarieTV. Through her blog, TV show, and digital empire she reaches millions of people each month in hopes of helping them achieve their dreams.

Marie’s blog is useful to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creators alike. If you’re looking for some clarity in how to approach building a freelance business (or any creative business), Marie’s blog is a great place to start.

9. Double Your Freelancing
Double Your Freelancing is a blog and community for freelancers created by Brennan Dunn. Through courses and highly-researched articles, Brennan and the Double Your Freelancing team share advice that can truly help you double or even triple your income as a freelancer.

In the Topics section you can find categories of articles and in-depth guides on some of the most challenging parts of being a freelancer. Things like starting your business, branding and positioning, proposals and pricing, project management, and more.

10. Work Made for Hire
When it comes to legal advice and negotiation for freelancers, Work Made for Hire is the ultimate resource. The website was started by Katie Lane, an attorney, writer, and self proclaimed nerd. Katie shares expert advice on some of the more complex topics related to freelancing.

Learn about copyright, negotiating, contracts, policies, and other legal aspects of a creative or freelancing business.

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