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4 Personality Traits That Make You an Effective Leader

What makes a good leader? Which personality traits do the best trailblazers share? Every organization has its own benchmarks for determining who would make the best head of its

Do Personality Tests Lead to Better Hiring Decisions .

Its not a new phenomenon. Psychological tests have been used in employee selection processes since World War I. Determining how to reduce turnover, increase productivity and more

Your Personality Can Affect How Much You Get Paid

When youre looking for a job that is a good fit, its important to think about not only whether your skills fulfill the job requirements, but whether you have a temperament that

Tips to Help Women Entrepreneurs Grow a Strong Personal Brand

Lets face it, for women entrepreneurs, personal branding is very important, no matter what industry theyre in. It is a practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as

How to Handle a Boss Who Doesnt Think Highly of You

One of the most disheartening things that can happen at the work place is having a boss who makes life difficult for you. The scenario where youve got the perfect job that aligns

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