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Google CEO denies political bias allegations

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai parried US lawmakers Tuesday over complaints of political bias and intrusive data collection as the internet giant came under heavy criticism

Robot releases bear repellant inside Amazon warehouse, 24 workers end up in hospital

they are calling it an accident. Okay, it was an accident. A robot inside Amazon's warehouse in New Jersey punctured a can of bear repellent inside the building by accident,

Microsoft plans to make you pay more to rotate the Surface Hub 2, just to drive you crazy

Between the two versions and their odd restrictions, a swappable processor, and a new experience which might be a new version of Windows, Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 is unexpectedly

Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080 review: An ice-cold, whisper-silent beast of a graphics card

The hulking Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 shows how Nvidia’s graphics card partners can still stand out from the crowd in an era when Nvidia’s making it harder than ever to

How To Restore All Our Deleted Photos And Videos In Android ?

Unfortunately We Are Deleting Photos And Videos From Your Android And Ios Devices. Once We Delete Anything From Your Device We Can’t Get Back Right Whether It Is Mail, Contact

Refresh Windows 10 to its default state in a few clicks, keeping your files and settings

If you have been thinking about reinstalling Windows 10 because of stability issues, malware infections, software bloat or some other issue with your system, it may come as great

How to Create a Windows 10 Virtual Machine with VMware Player and VirtualBox

Having a virtual machine on-hand can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as testing software or tweaks in a sandboxed environment that is separate from your primary

“Time-Folded Optics” Create New Possibilities for Imaging

MIT researchers have developed novel photography optics, dubbed “time-folded optics,” that captures images based on the timing of reflecting light inside the lens, instead of

Reliance Jio launches Digital Champions programmer for undergraduate students

New Delhi: Jio on Friday introduced `Digital Champions`, a five-week student learning programme aimed at empowering today`s youth with the knowledge of leveraging digital

Google Assistant becomes smarter, to get six new voices

The feature would be rolled it out to all users this month. San Francisco: Making the competition in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered assistants space tougher, Google on

Xiaomi gets ready for product event in Shenzen: Will it launch Mi 7?

Xiaomi Mi 7 could launch soon as the company gets ready to host a product event in Shenzen, though it has not given an official date for the same. Xiaomi’s global spokesperson

Samsung tries a new knife to whittle Apple’s iPhone patent award

Samsung Electronics Co is trying again to chip away at Apple Incs long-ago $1 billion victory in their legal fight over smartphone technology — by disassembling the iPhone. The

Apple CEO says he told Trump tariffs are wrong approach to China

Apple Inc Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said he criticized Donald Trumps approach to trade with China in a recent White House meeting, while urging the president to address the

Flipkart Big Shopping Days and Amazon Summer Sale 2018: Best offers on Smart TVs under Rs 25,000

We have picked some of the best deals on Smart TVs currently listed on Amazon or Flipkart under Rs 25,000. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A and Thomson Smart TV are conspicuous by their

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