A grim endgame looms in Syria

The long, cruel agony of Syria’s civil war may be approaching a decisive moment as President Bashar Assad and his allies, Russia and Iran, prepare to mount a military offensive

Pollution costs Bangladesh about $6.5 billion a year

A new World Bank report has urged Bangladesh to tackle urban pollution and environmental degradation in order to achieve the upper-middle class income status, and revealed the

Bangladesh set to unveil a five-year project to improve health care

A new health sector approach focusing on the quality of care is set to unveil by the government and the donor on Thursday. The USAID’s MaMoni Health Systems Strengthening

Victoria Beckham sells her clothes herself

Victoria Beckham did not want her runway show on the Sunday of London Fashion Week to be seen as a homecoming. “I feel reluctant to call it a homecoming because this is not a

Why new MacBooks were a no-show at Apple is iPhone XS event

It just wasn’t the right time. Once again, Macs of any kind were a no-show at Apple’s latest keynote. While this pattern should almost be a given at this point, it’s no less

iOS 12 release date, news and features

New iOS 12 features are available for your iPhone and iPad. iOS 12 had its worldwide release date this week, and Apple has packed a lot of new and exciting features into this year

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