China launches rover to land on far side of the moon

China launched a rover early Saturday destined to land on the far side of the moon, a global first that would boost Beijing’s ambitions to become a space superpower, state media

new way of killing malaria in the liver

In the ongoing hunt for more effective weapons against malaria, international researchers say they are exploring a pathway that has until now been little studied: killing

Ice is a lifeline for the world

Innokenty Tobonov sinks his harpoon into a long block of ice while his helpers expertly push it out of freezing lake waters onto the snow-dusted surface before sliding it towards

Egypt is fertile Nile Delta threatened by climate change

Lush green fields blanket northern Egypt's Nile Delta, but the country's agricultural heartland and its vital freshwater resources are under threat from a warming climate.The

Kanak Chapa wins BNP tickets

Out of its 206 candidates, BNP on Friday awarded its election tickets to ten women, including singer Rumana Morshed Kanak Chapa, to contest the 11th parliamentary elections.

Awami League urges Election Commission not to bow down to any pressure

The ruling Awami League has urged the Election Commission (EC) not to bow down to pressure from any quarter.“We urged the Election Commission not to bow down to any quarter

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