Google is a tricky case but conservatives please stay strong -- Reject the temptation to regulate the internet

Everyone involved in politics has bad days, when one’s interests conflict with one’s ideals. Some conservatives had a bad day on Tuesday when Google CEO Sundar Pachai appeared


The prime minister solicited vote for the ruling party’s ‘boat’ symbol “to save the country and Liberation War spirit from destruction” at her first campaign rally in

Melania Trump tells Fox News she does what is right despite media criticism

First lady Melania Trump on Wednesday explained that she does what she believes to be the “right” thing, despite any potential disapproval that may come her way. She also

Moving from fossil fuels to renewables at a funeral pace

Almost half a century ago, on December 7, 1972, the crew of the Apollo 17 satellite took the very first image of the Earth in its entirety. Famously known as “The Blue

The truth behind the mysterious holes in Hong Kong is high-rises

The Repulse Bay is a luxury apartment complex in Hong Kong that is famous locally for the curious hole cut into the body of its undulating façade. It is not alone. Along the

Tackle infant is thyroid disease

Thyroxin is the most crucial hormone for brain development and growth of a child. The hormone is secreted from the thyroid gland in the throat.Child's growth is stunded due to

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