Evening of poetry on five themes of Bangladeshi psyche

Love-Language-Liberation War-Women-Solidarity may be said to be five cornerstones that constitute a socio-political conscience of a good citizen in this developing country. There

Normal for producers to avoid clash with Thackeray

There is no bigger star than Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray in Maharashtra and it would not be surprising if a producer decides against releasing his or her film on the day a

Five media owner MPs made ministers

Five newly-elected parliament members, who own different media houses, have been made ministers of the latest Awami League cabinet announced on Sunday.

College student killed over playing badminton

A college student, who was stabbed over playing badminton in Baushia area of Gazaria upazila in Munshiganj district on Sunday night, died in Dhaka on Monday.

Labour market takes a nosedive

Reports of national dailies are regularly manifesting our endless plight in the international labour market. These unveil how we are losing grip in the Middle East that once lured

Freedom of media for a better life

Many journalists live with abject poverty, but they work with dignity keeping their commitment up to the nation. Money could not buy their philosophy and principles. As a result,

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