Stars to battle for reserved seats for women in parliament

Selling of nomination forms to aspirants for reserved seats for women in the 11th parliament, kicked off on January 15. A number of popular faces were spotted collecting their

N Korea envoy in US for preparing 2nd Trump-Kim summit

A North Korean envoy arrived in Washington on Thursday for expected talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a possible encounter with President Donald Trump aimed a laying

Now, Rohingyas from India

Since the beginning of the year, no less than 1,300 Rohingya Muslims crossed the border into Bangladesh from India, where many of them had been living for years. The exodus was

Nobody cares about signs

Looking up at the Mayor Hanif Flyover at Sayedabad end, one can find two large road signs that read “vehicle stoppage is not allowed” and “crossing or movement of the

Nvidia CEO: GTX 10 series will be gone in several weeks

Following a massive oversupply of GTX 10 series GPUs, Nvidia is finally almost out of its last generation graphics cards. Once they are gone, the company will be able to focus all

New reverse proxy tool posted on Github can easily bypass 2FA and automate phishing attacks

The tool can bypass traditional 2FA, but does not work against the newer U2F standard. What just happened? A security researcher in Poland has released a tool that automates

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