Keep up pressure on Myanmar to take back Rohingyas: PM

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday called upon the international community including Vietnam to keep up pressure on the Myanmar government to take back their forcibly

Wife to die for killing Rangpur PP Rathish Chandra

A court here on Tuesday convicted Snigdha Sarkar Dipa and sentenced her to death in the sensational murder case of her husband special public prosecutor Advocate Rathish Chandra

UNICEF urges Myanmar to enact Kofi Annan’s recommendations on Rohingya crisis

The head of the UN children’s fund urged Myanmar on Monday to implement the recommendations of a panel on the Rohingya crisis led by former UN head Kofi Annan, saying it had yet

Ways to make medical studies more effective

A RADIANT change has been observed recently in the general education system. A more creative way of teaching is in practice in schools and colleges and examinations are held

The shame of the 1 per cent continues

SPEAKING at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Sir David Attenborough called on government and business leaders to support, with practical plans, ‘United

$81.74b siphoned in 11 years from Bangladesh

Illicit capital outflow goes unabated as $5.9 billion (about Tk 50,000 crore) was siphoned off from Bangladesh in 2015 taking to $81.74 billion the amount siphoned off the country

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