Lanka govt must not deny TNA

THE dispute over the position of the leader of the opposition is not attracting much attention. It is taken for granted by most people that the leader of the opposition should be

Assam village prays for ‘rat-hole’ miracle

Saheb Ali felt an icy wind, saw a wall of water hurtling towards him and desperately held on to an electric cable to avoid becoming one of the 15 men trapped for more than two

Vietnam’s draconian cybersecurity bill comes into effect

A law requiring internet companies in Vietnam to remove content communist authorities deem to be against the state came into effect Tuesday, in a move critics called ‘a

Car plough into Tokyo New Year crowd

A car ploughed into crowds celebrating New Year’s Day early on Tuesday in a suspected terror attack, leaving eight people injured, including one who was unconscious.

Thousands of women rally over Sabarimala temple rule

Tens of thousands of women formed a human chain across a southern Indian state on Tuesday, in support of a court order overturning a partial ban on women entering one of

5 metro rail routes planned for Dhaka

Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Company Ltd (DMTCL) is now advancing with a plan to create a combined network of five metro rail routes to ease nagging traffic gridlock in the capital.

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