Refrain from provocative remarks, Minister urges 2 Tablig Jamaat factions

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Wednesday requested two factions of Tablig Jamaat not to make any provocative comment against each other while delivering sermons or

Russia considers unplugging from internet

Russia is considering whether to disconnect from the global internet briefly, as part of a test of its cyber-defences. The test will mean data passing between Russian citizens

NASA about to pull plug on Mars rover, silent for 8 months

NASA is trying one last time to contact its record-setting Mars rover Opportunity, before calling it quits. The rover has been silent for eight months, victim of one of the most

New device can detect fluoride contamination in water

Adding fluoride to water has been common practice in a number of countries, including India. In low concentrations, it can help prevent tooth decay and even strengthen bones, but

Malaysia makes record 30-tonne pangolin seizure

Malaysian authorities have made a record seizure of about 30 tonnes of pangolins and their scales worth some $2 million in raids on major processing facilities, police and

The town at the centre of the world

Around 30 years ago, Jacques-Andre Istel turned to his wife, Felicia Lee, and said, “We’re going to sit in the desert and think of something to do.”

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