Donald Trump gets back!

He swore on primetime television. He boasted. He told jokes. He made promises. And the crowd loved him. President Donald Trump was back.

Boeing unveils fix to flight system after deadly crashes

Embattled aviation giant Boeing pledged Wednesday to do all it can to prevent crashes like the two that killed nearly 350 people in recent months, as it unveiled a fix to the

‘Shuva Chandrer School’ showing light to street children

‘Shuva Chandrer School’ on the premises of Chashara railway station is not a formal institution for providing teaching, but showing light to street children in receiving

Floating people face identity crisis

They are referred to as "floating people". For generations, they have been living in boats and earning their livelihood by catching fish from rivers.

Easy bikes rule Tangail streets

Battery-driven easy bikes in the district town of Tangail has been instrumental behind huge traffic congestion resulting in immense sufferings to city dwellers. Frequent accidents

Oikyafront postpones Saturday’s human chain in city

Jatiya Oikyafront on Friday postponed its Saturday’s scheduled human chain programme in the city due to Banani’s FR Tower deadly fire incident that killed 25 people.

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