Telcos asked to submit Q2 payments to NBR

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) yesterday declined to receive last quarter’s (April - June, 2019) payments of different charges including revenue

PM for making Islamic tourism as global brand

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday stressed the need for taking prompt measures to make Islamic tourism as a global business brand considering its huge potential since it

Twitter bans dehumanizing posts toward religious groups

Twitter now prohibits hate speech that targets religious groups by using dehumanizing language, a ban it says may extend to other categories like race and gender.

In US 1st, baby is born from dead dono i's transplanted womb

The Cleveland Clinic says it has delivered the first baby in North America after a womb transplant from a dead donor. Uterine transplants have enabled more than a dozen women to

Just like humans, gorillas form complex societies

Gorillas form social bonds in a strikingly similar way to humans, including tiers of old friends and family members, according to a study released Wednesday that may provide

‘Friends’ is leaving Netflix in 2020

‘Friends’ — one of the most popular shows on Netflix — will officially leave the platform after this year. The hit sitcom will move to WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming

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