Trump does not want war with Iran

US president Donald Trump has told his top advisers he does not want to get the United States involved in a war with Iran, three US officials said on Thursday. ‘He doesn’t

Anxious Indian Muslims fear Modi’s 2nd term

At their usual evening gathering, six retired Muslim academics outdo each other with gloomy predictions if Narendra Modi is re-elected prime minister in India’s polls ending

Brexit talks collapse as UK PM’s premiership crumbles

Britain’s tumultuous divorce from the European Union was again in disarray on Friday after the opposition Labour Party declared last-ditch talks dead due to prime minister

Absence of bypasses worsens traffic scenario in capital

Authorities planned to divert traffic and reduce the clog at major roundabouts. But the plan proved to be unrealistic for Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue.

Over 2.7 lakh Rohingyas get ID cards

Members of 59,842 Rohingya families in Cox’s Bazar camps have now been jointly registered and provided with identity cards by Bangladesh and United Nations High Commissioner for

Woman killed, 5 wounded as 2 cars collide in capital

A woman was killed and five of her family members were injured as a Uber car carrying them collided with a private car at Bata Signal intersection in the capital on Saturday

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