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Dhaka Metropolitan Police Commissioner Md Asaduzzaman Mia says that despite the efforts and sincerity of police, the populace’s refusal to follow traffic regulations are torpedoing efforts for road safety. The Dhaka city police chief urged everyone to follow the law to restore order to the roads. The police commissioner made the remarks at the Sonargaon Hotel intersection in Dhaka on Sunday after inspecting the traffic management in the area - A home for your website

Traffic police are working relentlessly to improve the situation, Mia said. “There is no lack of efforts or sincerity among the police. But it is all going to waste because people are not following the rules.”
The government undertook a new initiative to improve road safety after an accident on Dhakas airport road led to the deaths of two students and triggered nationwide protests on Jul 29. Traffic police have since organised a Traffic Week and have enforced the law more strictly.

Though more motorcyclists have begun wearing helmets since the start of the initiative, many pedestrians still make risky road crossings instead of using footbridges.

“Our students protested to restore order to the roads,” the police commissioner said. “Following their example we launched a 10-day Traffic Week programme. We then initiated various traffic programmes throughout September.”
Mia thanked the Rover Scouts, the BNCC and Red Crescent members for their participation in these efforts.
Nearly 70 million traffic fines have been issued in the past month, he said.

“We havent just stepped up the number of cases and fines, we have also undertaken several initiatives to raise awareness of the law,” he said.

Mia said that though the situation has not changed overnight there have been some successes, such as the use of motorcycle helmets.
“It is impossible to expect a hundred years of habit to be changed in a month. But we are hopeful that everyone is more aware of the law and will respect it.”
It would not be possible to change the situation if people do not cultivate a mentality to follow the law and respect it, Mia said.

“The Dhaka Metropolitan Police will not break the law and will not allow others to do so. Strict action will be taken against anybody who breaks the law.”

Leaflets and flowers were distributed to public transport workers as part of the inspection at the Sonargaon Hotel crossing.


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