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Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder on Sunday said that he didn’t find any opposition polling agent when he went to Ispahani Girls School and College in Dhaka to cast his vote for 11th Parliamentary Election. - A home for your website

I have seen no polling agent of the opposition party here, Mahbub told reporters after casting his vote in Boro Moghbazar, Dhaka.
You should ask the persons involved in here how the voting is going on. I don t need to answer these questions. You can understand more than me, he added.
Mahbub revealed that he was getting a lot of objection from the morning and as an individual commissioner he had nothing responsibility left in the election.
I am getting a lot of objections from the early morning. I get a lot of telephones and there were so many objections, he said.
As a commissioner, I have no individual responsibility remain that I feel now.
Mahbub however urged voters to come to the polling centres and cast their votes in order to protect the democracy.
The nation expects a free and fair election. The election should take place and it should be acceptable and faithful. So under the laws everyone should perform their responsibilities.
I will ask voters to come to the polling centres without any fear and don t keep your heads down for some benefits and fear.
Cast your vote for your favourite candidates. Your one vote will protect the democracy, he added.


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