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Prime Mnister Sheikh Hasina has urged diploma engineers to be committed to working for future generations. She made the remark during the inaugural ceremony of the 22nd National Convention of the Institution of Diploma Engineers (IDEB). “You have to help to build the nation for future generations without thinking of your own benefit. I urge you all to commit to doing so.” The prime minister inaugurated the conference titled Global Competitive TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) for Challenges of IR (Industrial Revolution) 4.0 through signing a digital album. - A home for your website

She mentioned the different initiatives taken by her government for the development of diploma engineers and also the socio-economic development of the country during her speech.

The diploma engineers are responsible for implementing and ensuing the quality of the development work at the field level---for example roads, bridges, culverts, education institutes, factories and others, said Hasina, as she focused on the role of the diploma engineers in the development work by the government.

The government has to consider the effect of natural disasters before drawing any plan as Bangladesh is prone to the effects of problems like river erosion, said the prime minister.

“We have established engineering colleges and universities, science and technology universities in different districts of the country. The government-run polytechnic institutes has introduced double shift and online admission systems for studying diploma engineering,” she said adding at least 500 government and private polytechnic institutes have been established in the country over the last nine years.

“The government has approved a project worth Tk 36 billion to construct a 10-storey building, workshop-laboratory, buy apparatus and to introduce around 7000 positions for teachers and staffs at the 49 government polytechnic institutes,” said the prime minister.

The education ministry is working towards establishing four government-run polytechnic institutes for women and 23 new polytechnic institutes at the international standard, Hasina said during her speech.

“Well establish a technical school and college in each of the upazilas in the country. We have already initiated the construction work for 100 of them,” she said.

“We have successfully achieved the are MDG and working towards to achieve the goals of the SDG in the light of seventh five-year plan; well be able to achieve the SDG by 2030,” she said as she focused the development in the country.

The prime minister also hoped to create a sustainable, developed and prosperous Bangladesh by 2100 through the implementation of the 100-year Delta Plan.

“Technology is in high demand at the present global context; for technical and vocational education, we have proposed the establishment of a university to develop technology and skill research,” said the PM as she mentioned the implementation of National Technical Vocational Qualification Framework.

The prime minister also mentioned the establishment of a professional training institute called Common Facility Centre (CFC) for small & medium enterprises as a joint intervention of IDEB and Hindustan Machine Tools International.

“The Awami League government has always contributed to the development of IDEB. We had allocated Tk 100 million to construct the IDEB Building in 1996 and allocated Tk 190 million during our tenure of 2009-2013,” Sheikh Hasina said to the diploma engineers.

AKMA Hamid, chairman of the central executive committee of IDEB presided over the event and Shamsur Rahman, general secretary of the organisation delivered the welcome speech.

TVET, the robot made by the diploma engineers in the country welcomed the prime minister to the stage and answered questions at the event.

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