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Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda on Saturday directed law enforcers to create a safe environment for all and foil any bid to resort to anarchy and irregularities during Sunday's general election. - A home for your website

I m directing the members of law enforcement agencies at all levels to ensure a safe atmosphere for all during tomorrow s (Sunday s) election. If any violent situation appears or act of sabotage occurs, I m directing them to curb those with an iron hand," he said.

If any quarter tries to create anarchy at polling stations, on-duty law enforcers will have to control it, the CEC said at a briefing on election preparations at the Media Centre of Nirbachan Bhaban.


He also warned that if anything (violence and irregularity) takes place in any place due to negligence and inaction of the members of law enforcement agencies, action will be taken against all of them following investigations.


Citing media reports published on Saturday that the agents of many candidates were being harassed in various ways, Nurul Huda said, "It s not expected."

"Police will neither arrest nor harass any agent unless there s specific charge of criminal offence against him or her. They (agents) will have to be given full security in performing the election duty," he said.


Mentioning that the polling agents have huge responsibilities, the CEC urged them not to leave the polling stations in any way until they get the election result sheets in their hands. "If anyone illegally asks them to leave the polling booths, seek help of magistrates or law enforcement agencies," he said.


On the conclusion of the balloting, the presiding officer concerned will start counting votes inside the polling station in the presence of agents of candidates, journalists and others concerned and provide a result sheet to every agent, said Nurul Huda.


He urged all the officers engaged in election activities to perform their responsibilities going beyond the partisan views. "Be careful so that no candidate is deprived of just rights and the election is not questionable only because of your role," he added.


"I request all political parties, candidates and supporters to show patience and respect to each other so that the competition doesn t turn violent," the CEC said.


He said they noticed with sorrow that there had been violence and loss of lives and property during the election campaign, which was not expected.


Nurul Huda asked the authorities concerned to investigate the criminal offences and take legal actions against those responsible for the incidents. "I would like to request all the election stakeholders to maintain the competitive environment shunning violence," he said.


Terming the election inclusive , he said all the registered political parties are participating in the election and a total of 1,861 candidates are thee in the race. "A competitive situation has been created in the election," he said, adding that a festive and enthusiastic mood prevails across the country.

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