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BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Alamgir yesterday alleged that the government has mounted pressure on party leader Zahidur Rahman Zahid to take oath as a member of the 11th parliament in defiance of the party decision. “We are sure of that there was government pressure behind Zahidur Rahman’s oath-taking. However, we're not worried about the matter,” he said. Fakhrul was talking to reporters after placing a wreath at the mazar of party founder Ziaur Rahman. He was accompanied by a - A home for your website

number of leaders and activists of the BNP"s woman front, Jatiyatabadi Mohila Dal. They went to the grave on the occasion of forming its full-pledged committee. Mohila Dal president Afroja Abbas, general secretary Sultana Ahmed, Jeba Khan and Helen Jerin Khan, among others. were present on the occasion.

“It is undoubtedly a (case of) government pressure. A government not elected by the people has to use such undemocratic tactics to cling to power,” he said.

Fakhrul made this allegation a day after Zahid, elected from the Thakurgaon-3 constituency, took oath as MP in defiance of the party"s decision to not join Parliament.

The veteran BNP leader asserted that the party"s decision to boycott parliament remained unchanged. He said the party would take organisational measures against those who go against its decision.

Asked if the government was trying to create rifts within the BNP, Fakhrul said: “It"s normal. This is not unusual in the politics of Bangladesh.”

“But such attempts will never succeed. The BNP will always come back stronger. It has the people"s backing,” he added.

Asked about if other lawmakers-elect are willing to take oath, Fakhrul said: “We do not know what they are thinking. They have not told us their thoughts yet. But the decision made earlier till stands. The decision is final and there is no doubt about this,” he added.

He claimed that the BNP was a people"s party and would not suffer due any one person"s individual decision. Claiming Zahid"s oath-taking was a blatant violation of the party"s organisational decision, Fakhrul said his party would take tough steps against those defying it. Asked whether the BNP would send any letter to the Speaker or the Election Commission over the legitimacy of oath-taking by a BNP lawmaker-elect going against the party"s decision, Fakhrul said the party standing committee would take a decision in this connection.


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