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Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) yesterday declined to receive last quarter’s (April - June, 2019) payments of different charges including revenue sharing, social obligation fund, and annual spectrum fees of the mobile network operators. - A home for your website

Citing reason that the telecom regulator does not have VAT registration, the BTRC said it can’t receive the payment for the quarter now, said AMTOB Secretary General Brigadier General SM Farhad (Retd) in a press statement issued yesterday.

The section 49 (2) of the VAT & SD Act 2012 said, “If a supplier is not registered or enlisted, and if a combined tax invoice and withholding certificate is not issued, the withholding entity shall not receive any supply from such supplier and shall pay no price against such supply to the supplier.”

However, though BTRC does not have VAT registration, the Mobile Network Operators (MNO) decided to pay the charges to the regulator to run the telecommunication service uninterrupted, considering more than 16 crore mobile users but BTRC refused to accept, said SM Farhad.

Earlier AMTOB had requested both NBR (National Board of Revenue) and BTRC to find a way out on how to make the payment of the quarterly charges avoiding any legal complication but did not receive any response till date, he added.

BTRC Chairman Jahurul Haque told The Independent if the telecom operators pay the VAT to the NBR, then they don’t have to pay that VAT to us again.

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